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The Football Association of the Czech Republic (FAČR) plays a key role in the organisation, development, support, and management of football in the Czech Republic. This happens at all levels – from professional football to amateur football, from youth categories to veteran ones. 

The association has a well-developed structure, a system of competitions as well as a sophisticated system for the development of players (especially youth), but also coaches, referees and other important professionals. The association also pays great attention to the promotion of football and fan support. 

FAČR has approximately 358,000 registered members and just under 3,500 registered clubs. This shows that football has long been the most widespread, most popular, and most watched sport in the Czech Republic. The sport also enjoys a long history of over 120 years in the country, with numerous achievements including two silver medals at the World Cup, the title of European Champions, a gold medal at the Olympic Games, two winners of the Ballon d’Or (Josef Masopust and Pavel Nedvěd), and many other sporting successes.

Founded in 1901, FAČR has been a member of FIFA since 1907 and UEFA since 1954.

It had – and still has – a significant representation in the bodies of both federations and is perceived as a reliable partner. In 2023 and after more than twenty years, Petr Fousek became the next Czech to be elected to the UEFA Executive Committee, strengthening the football association’s ability to positively influence football both at home and abroad.

The association also plays a crucial role in the Czech sporting environment. It is a member of the Czech Union of Sport and the Czech Olympic Committee and is represented in the Executive Committees of both national umbrella organisations by its President. Furthermore, it is a relevant partner for state institutions, especially the National Sports Agency and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic as well as for other sports associations and organisations.

In order to be able to fulfil all its obligations, FAČR has a well-developed internal structure. Its supreme body is the FAČR General Assembly, which consists of delegates based on FAČR’s Statutes and which makes the most important decisions. The assembly also elects members of other bodies of the association, such as the FAČR Executive Committee. The committee is the statutory body of the association, which manages FAČR’s activities in-between the General Assemblies. The Executive Committee has twelve members including its chairman with a four-year mandate. 

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (Mandate until 2025)
Chairman: Petr Fousek
1st Vice-Chairman: Jiří Šidliák
2nd Vice-Chairman: Jan Richter
Members: Pavel Nezval, Martin Drobný, Dušan Svoboda, Adolf Šádek, Václav Andrejs, Tomáš Neumann, Rudolf Řepka, Vladimír Kristýn, Radek Zima

Within the football structure, FAČR also has affiliated associations – 14 regional football associations and 76 district football associations – which organise regional football competitions in Czechia and whose statutes must comply with FAČR’s Statutes.

Since 2016, men’s professional football, specifically the two top flight leagues (currently FORTUNA:LIGA and FORTUNA:NÁRODNÍ LIGA), has been managed by the League Football Association. It is formed directly by individual clubs who are thus responsible for the organisation of both competitions. FAČR is involved in the activities in the two top domestic leagues through the Referees Commission and the Ethics Commission, among other things.

FAČR’s extensive scope of activities requires organised, strategic and transparent management. In addition, in accordance with football standards, the association also serves as an umbrella organisation for futsal and beach soccer, which by their very nature can adopt a significant part of FAČR’s established procedures and processes.

Football Association of the Czech Republic

  • Founded: 1901
  • FIFA affiliation: 1907
  • FIFA affiliation: 1954

Members: 358 436

  • Men (over 18 years): 165 042
  • Men (under 18 years): 171 412
  • Women (over 18 years): 5 936
  • Women (under 18 years): 16 045

Biggest Achievements: 

2x World Cup silver (1934, 1962), 1x European Championship gold (1976), 1x European Championship silver (1996), 3x European Championship bronze (1960, 1980, 2004), 1x Olympic gold (1980), 1x Olympic silver (1964), 1x U21 European Championship gold (2002), 1x U21 European Championship silver (2000), 1x U20 World Cup silver (2007), 2x Ballon d’Or (Josef Masopust, Pavel Nedvěd), 2x European Futsal Championship bronze (2003, 2010).

Main contacts:

Football Association of the Czech Republic (FAČR)
Address: Atletická 2474/8, 169 00 Praha 6 - Strahov
Phone: (+420) 233 029 111 
E-mail: recepce@fotbal.cz
IČ: 00406741
DIČ: CZ00406741 
eBox Number: s8cbspf
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