The licenses for the television broadcasting of FAČR Cup matches in the territory of the Czech Republic and for streaming FAČR Cup matches for the purposes of betting in the territory of the Czech Republic are being tendered for the following five seasons, starting from the 2024/25 season and ending with the 2028/29 season.

FAČR would like to reach out to entities, whether directly from the Czech Republic or from abroad, and requests their potential interest. Given the close connection and long-term cooperation between the League Football Association (LFA) and FAČR, these tender procedures are in many respects similar to those organized by LFA for its competitions. Therefore, it should not be difficult for some applicants to navigate through the process of these tender procedures. Despite that, FAČR encourages even those entities that did not participate in the tender procedures organized by LFA to express their interest here. All tenders are open to the widest possible range of potential applicants. Tenders for television broadcasting rights are thus open to licensed broadcasters as well as intermediary and media agencies, tenders for streaming rights for the purposes of odds betting can be entered by both holders of licenses for the operation of gambling games, as well as media and intermediary agencies.

The sole evaluation criterion for determining the winner is the offered price. The competition is designed as a two-round process, and the deadline for submitting bids for the first round of the competition was set for June 17, 2024.

The competition terms and conditions are available on the homepage Definitive templates of contract proposals will be provided to each interested party who requests it in accordance with the call for bids from the FAČR and who enters into a Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) with the FAČR.

FAČR will not comment on the progress of the tenders or provide any further statements to the media until the end of the tenders.

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Note: These are informative translations, as according to the competition conditions, bids are submitted in Czech language only.